Landscape Lighting Software designs night lighting.

Visualize Outdoor Lighting!

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Show Clients Night Lighting with Landscape Lighting Software

Landscape Lighting Software is an easy to use program that allows lighting contractors to place outdoor light fixtures on a picture of your clients home or office where they would be installed and it were night.

The Landscape Lighting Effects program creates the dramatic effects of outdoor lighting allowing you to show your clients, not just tell them how the lights will look at night.

Our Lighting programs are not just design tools, they give clients the visualization of seeing their property as if it were evening and the fixtures was lit up. The impact of presenting a nighttime lighting accentuating their landscape and creating security for their home is the solution to closing the deal.

Lighting Design Software shows nighting lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Designs cannot be visualized by blue prints and sketches, Landscape Lighting Software offers a photo realistic rendering of the proposed night lighting design that will impress potential clients using a photo of their own house or office that was taken during the day.


Learn How Easy Designing Night Lighting can be with Landscape Lighting Software. The presentation value of an actual photograph depicting the planned night lighting is tremendous. It is a surefire way to close the deal sooner. See how easy it is to use by watching the training movies that are included in the program.



Our landscape lighting design tools will allow your customer to see their home or business with all of their selected lighting fixtures like they were already installed. From time to time we add additional lighting manufacturers they are downloadable. Click the button below to see all the fixtures in the program.


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Landscape Lighting Software for Landscape Lighting Contractors.

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Testimonial from DeMarco Electric for Landscape lighting Software.

DeMarco Electric Saint Louis, MO

Landscape Lighting Software helped me obtain my first landscape lighting job by allowing me to provide a customer a visual of what she could expect with the finished product. Plus...the customer service provided to me was exceptional. Extremely patient with helping me get set up!
Testimonial from a landscape lighting software client.

Landscape Lighting Software Wow!

The "Wow" of seeing their backyard as if the fixtures were installed and it was night closed the deal for me.

About Landscape Lighting Software

Landscape Design Imaging Software has been solving the contractor's problem for over 30 years by making presentations easy. Creating programs to improve efficiency and increase sales for the contractor's. We keep them easy to learn and most of all reasonable priced.¬†All our programs start with a photo and create a realistic rendering of the client’s actual home bringing the contractors vision of gardens, pavers and lighting to life. If you install landscape, pavers, hardscape and lighting check out our program GreenScapes.

Landscape Design Software - GreenScapes.